3 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Crafts

By Scott Meeks
Hearts and Crafts

Picking up a box of Valentines from the store is way too easy. Yes, they’re cute and relatively inexpensive but Valentine’s Day is the kind of holiday when you can really celebrate your child’s crafty side.

Our Children Magazine scoured the internet in search of super-cute craft ideas that you can do with your kids for Valentine’s Day. Here are the three sweetest ideas out there (no sugar added).

It goes without saying that a Valentine card must include a heart. But what about a googly eye? After watching this adorable video from Parents.com you’ll see that hearts and googly eyes go hand-in-hand.

For those of you with young kids who have limited scissor skills, this is a great parent-child tag team craft. You can do the cutting, but leave the gluing, hole-punching and drawing for your little artist.

What’s a Valentine’s Day without flowers? Inspire the young crafters in your life to make flowers from paper, coffee filters, ribbon—OR FELT! Yes, FELT! You can find it at just about any craft store. Plus, it’s inexpensive and easy to work with. This is a great idea for teen crafters. Check out the adorable heart-inspired flowers from The Magic Onions’ blog. Their tutorial is easy to follow and requires only five materials.

This is craft idea is for you parents who are teachers or who are in charge of craft day at school. A Valentine Monster is basically a mailbox where students can store their valentines. It’s boy-friendly (if they think Valentine’s Day is silly) and it’s a nice change-up from the traditional heart-heavy crafts that take place in classrooms this time of year. Crafting A Green World has a step-by-step tutorial.

For more family-friendly craft ideas, check out our Fun Family Crafts and Projects Board on Pinterest.

Scott Meeks is the communications manager at National PTA.

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