3 Fun Things to Do at Home

By Theron Pickett
kids watching movie at home
young kids watching movie at home

The global pandemic has paused, delayed or canceled summer plans for families across the nation. All this extra time together is a great opportunity for making family memories, but your kids may be going a little stir crazy without the benefit of their usual routines. Try these fun activities at home to keep growing minds engaged and the chaos to a minimum.

Bake Up Some Sweetness

Treat yourself! Use the extra time you have at home to try a new recipe. Baking is also a great bonding activity for the whole family. You can split up the tasks among your children to keep everyone invested and involved in the outcome.

One person can measure ingredients, one person can mix, and one person can be in charge of setting the oven and keeping track of the time. You can choose to make something super simple like Rice Krispy Treats or try something more challenging. Look below for some great ideas!

Quick and Easy Recipes (15-20 minutes)

Rice Krispy Treats

If you have a picky eater these are a great option. They are simple, but delicious. If you want to be creative you can add M&Ms, sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles cereal, or Oreos to your treats!

Muddy Buddies

This recipe only requires a microwave instead of an oven or stove top, so it is very child friendly. It is also super quick and a great treat to put in the refrigerator and save for a couple days.

Longer Recipes (20 minutes or longer)

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

This is a great recipe to entertain multiple children. One child can mix the ingredients, one can roll the cookies into balls, and one child can be responsible for pressing the chocolate kisses into the cookies.

Cake Pops

This is the most complicated recipe, but it is definitely a crowd pleaser. You can also have fun decorating the cake pops in whatever way you like. You can roll them in sprinkles, drizzle them with different flavors of chocolate, or coat them with a layer of crushed candy bar pieces.

Go on an Impromptu Picnic

Although you are staying home, it is still important to get outside and get some fresh air. If the weather permits, have fun at home by eating your lunch outside instead of inside. You do not have to plan your picnic—it could even be your designated snack time spot. Just grab a blanket, pack the treats you baked and take your meal outside! For something simple, find out how to turn your dinner leftovers dinner into a quick lunch.

Have a Movie Night

Theaters may still be closed, but you can have a fun movie night at home! If you choose to make movie night a weekly event, then you can let each of your children choose the movie they want to watch each week. There are a lot of different things you can do to make your movie night at home extra fun. 

  • Make your own movie theater snack boxes to make your family feel like they are really at the movies.
  • Have a popcorn bar where everyone can create their own popcorn mix.
  • Make movie night an end-of-the-week treat! Have your children earn tickets throughout the week for doing their homework, chores, etc. and allow them to cash in these tickets for certain candies at your own concession stand during movie night.

Theron Pickett is currently a junior at Georgetown University, majoring in Government. She hopes to attend law school in the near future.

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