Have Fun with these Halloween Activities

By Saron Messay

Check out these spooky arts and crafts activities to try with your kids this Halloween. It strictly doesn’t have to be about candy this year. Here are some cool ideas you can try at home with simple instructions and ingredients that can easily be found.

Monster Slime

Check out this video from PBS Parents to see how you are able to get this chemical reaction at home. Unlock your inner scientist with this cool monster slime activity!


 Jelly Worms With Oreo Dirt

Check out these simple steps in making slimy dirt worms, with just using simple instructions and ingredients. All you need to make these spooky crawlers are:

  1. Any Flavor Gelatin
  2. Whipping Cream (to make worms cloudy)
  3. Food Coloring
  4. Straws with Bendable Necks
  5. Package Of Oreo Cookies

On more slimy ideas on making some Halloween treats or for full instructions, check out Pinterest.




Some Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas


Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts        PB & J Spiders     Apple Peanut Butter Tooth


Spooky Halloween Treats


Witches Hats                                 “Poison” Candy Apples                    Ghost Cupcakes

Does your child have allergies?

Here's how you can protect them for Halloween







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