Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

By Kayla Hewitt
The tongue of a young boy with curly hair is touching an orange frozen treat. He is wearing a gray t-shirt, a straw hat and blue rimmed glasses. The background is blurry and consists of an open field of green grass with trees and bushes in the distance.

Summer is finally here! That means two things: The kids are out of school and temperatures are on the rise. While it’s always an option to run out the grocery store and pick up a chilled-out treat, making them on your own is a great way to have some summer fun.

Our Children Magazine went on the hunt for the very best recipes to help you and your kids stay cool this summer. Make these treats at home!

No churn Oreo Ice Cream

When the sun is making you sweat there is nothing better than the sweet relief of ice cream. Who doesn’t love a bowl of creamy confection on a hot summer’s day? Cool off with this easy four-ingredient Oreo ice cream.

No- Drip Jell-o Popsicles

Popsicles are a summertime staple, but they can soon turn into a melty mess, especially with young kids around. Avoid the spills and check out this three-ingredient recipe for no-drip Jell-o popsicles.

Homemade Slushies

This recipe is an easy way chill out and get crafty in the kitchen with the kids. Check out this PBS Parents video to find out how to make your very own slushies. All you need is your favorite juice, salt, ice, and some Ziploc bags to get started. Just put the ingredients in the bags and let your child shake their way to a delicious treat!

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

These chocolatey desserts are absolutely delicious while also giving your kids a serving of fruit for the day. These chocolate covered bananas are fun to make and easy to personalize. Just dip, pick your favorite topping, sprinkle it on and enjoy!

Milkshake Ice Cubes

If you’re constantly on the go this summer, but still have a hankering for something sweet to get you through the day, you’ve got to check out this recipe! With these ice cream cubes, you’re only seconds away from a delicious milkshake whenever you and the kids need to chill out on a hot summer’s day.

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Kayla Hewitt is a contributing writer for Our Children Magazine.

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