10 Ways to Get Involved in Your Child’s School

By Sarah Weatherby
dad walking kids into school

Did you know that families who are more engaged in a school have students that are more engaged and have a higher school success rate? Studies show that family engagement in early grades led to higher graduation rates. Students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and pass their classes, attend school regularly, have better social skills and go on to post secondary education.

While the pandemic ushered in a new way of learning, enhancing family-school partnerships are important to the learning success. They also help your child feel supported and loved as they navigate their school experience. 

Get Involved!

Join your school’s PTA or PTSA to help support the many activities they do throughout the school year. Also look for other volunteer activities to support teachers and school staff. 

Here are 10 ways to get more engaged in your child’s learning and school community.

  1. Meet your child’s teacher. Introduce yourself and let them know you would like to help. A simple conversation goes a long way with a teacher.
  2. Be sure to read and respond to emails and other communications sent by the school, especially when a teacher reaches out to you directly. Even a simple “thank you,” shows you are interested. Many school send a wealth of information, but much of that is missed by parents who do not read the communications! 
  3. Volunteer! Something as small as cutting out shapes for a kindergarten teacher (or another grade level) makes a difference.
  4. If your child’s school allows it, have lunch with them and get to know the other students. 
  5. Schedule check-ins with the teacher to see how things are going and how you can help.
  6. If you are feeling ambitious, plan an activity that aligns with a subject for your child’s class. Check with your child’s teacher to see how your activity can fit into their lesson plans. 
  7. Meet with a school counselor to learn about what they’re doing to support students’ overall well-being and helping them succeed in school. 
  8. Schedule a tour of the school and ask questions about future plans, such as additions. 
  9. Meet the principal or any other administrators and learn about their vision for the school.
  10. Take a moment to thank yourself for being a great parent, caretaker and motivator!

Sarah Weatherby is a communications consultant with Sarah Weatherby Public Relations.

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