5 Cold & Flu Season Resources for Parents

By Lysol
Cold and Flue Season Resources for Parents: Caring African Mom Checking Temperature Of Her Sick Child At Home, Girl In Blanket

As the weather gets colder, the cold and flu season will make its mark in classrooms with the spreading of germs/illness and the resulting absences. Parents need resources and help.

Lysol and National PTA want students to remain in school as much as possible to enjoy a healthy learning experience with other students. Here are some resources you can use at home and encourage at school to prevent illness:

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

School health sectors, parents, and communities all have similar goals to improve each child’s development. To encapsulate this and help guide parents, teachers and students alike, utilize the CDC’s Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. The school environment, educational structure and engagement from families all play a key role in helping to curb the spread of illness-causing germs, especially throughout cold & flu season.

Vaccine Education

One of the best ways to help slow the spread of seasonal, illness-causing germs is to receive immunizations, like the flu shot. The CDC recommends anyone above the age of six months receive a flu vaccine every year.[1]

Listen to Your Child’s Needs

Staying physically strong and mentally strong are equally important, and who better to hear from on how you can support students than kids! Students can share ideas, learn from each other, and be their most authentic selves at school. This year, Lysol captured candid conversations from real students who shared what they really think on topics such as celebrating differences, what they missed about school, and more. Check out some of these conversations in the Little Big Talk video series.

CDC’s Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT)

Encourage schools to take a pulse on how successful their health education curriculum is by using HECAT, an assessment tool developed by the CDC. The tool will both help decision makers align on what makes up the curriculum, as well as how best to implement it in a way that is feasible for all involved.

Apply for Free Lysol Disinfecting Wipes at School

Disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces week helps to reduce the spread of germs, including those that may cause cold and flu. Donating disinfecting wipes to your child’s school is also a great way to help curb the spread of germs in the classroom. This year, refer your school district to apply for free Lysol Disinfecting Wipes by visiting Frontline Impact Project.

For more information and digital resources on how Lysol can help you support healthy habits this cold & flu season, please visit Lysol.com/HERE.

[1] CDC.org, “Who Needs a Flu Vaccine.”

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