How to Add Books to Your Home Library

By Tina Chovanec
Home Library: Full books shelves and home decoration

Make it a weekly family activity to visit the public library. Be open minded about what your kids choose. It is okay if they want to check out all of Captain Underpants books, nothing but the Magic Tree House series or only sports stories.

Let your kids follow their passions and select book formats that are the most engaging. Most kids (boys and girls) are drawn to the dynamic images and page-turning excitement of graphic novels. Kids can now explore classic literature, history, biography and science through this format.

If you are trying to encourage exploration of a new genre or subject, try bringing home selected books and placing them in unexpected places, just waiting to be discovered by a curious kid. Check out some tips and ideas on how to build your home library today.

Tips and ideas for building a home library

  • A cardboard box or small wooden packing crate that you decorate together can make the perfect bookcase. Or you might clear a spot on one of the family bookshelves.
  • Pick a special place for your child’s books so that they know where to look for them—in a cozy corner of your child’s bedroom or close to where the rest of the family gathers and reads if your child is very social.
  • “This book belongs to…” Bookplates give your child a sense of ownership and can make a used book feel new.
  • Personal libraries can hold more than books. Audio books can be especially inviting for children who struggle with reading. Magazines are good to have for quick reads and catalogs can inspire kids to create their own stories.

Ways to add to your home library

  • Become a family of treasure hunters
  • Browse bookstore sales, garage sales, flea markets, used book stores and sales at your local library.
  • Organize a children’s book swap with friends, community groups or your school.
  • Encourage family and friends to give books as gifts for birthdays, holidays and other celebrations.
  • Explore your community and look for Little Free Libraries where you can take or give books
  • And don’t forget to include your local newspaper and children’s magazines in your daily reading diet.

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