Holiday Crafting & Recycling with the Kids!

By Scott Meeks

Between all of the office parties, classroom parties and neighborhood parties, there are lots of plastic spoons floating around this holiday season! Unfortunately, most of them end up in the trash.

But if you’re a crunchy-crafter, you see projects in those used spoons! So gather them up, give them a good wash and prepare to build an upcycled holiday tree with your kids.


  • Plastic spoons (50-75)
  • Cone-shaped party hat
  • Low temp hot glue gun


  • Break some spoons! You can either snap the top of the spoon off from its base or you can use scissors. If you use scissors, parents can do this step before starting the project.
  • With a low temp glue gun (made for kids) attach the spoons to the hat. The scoop-part should be facing out and the tip should be facing down.
  • Go around the entire bottom of the hat first. Then work your way around the hat until you get to the top.

You can spray paint your tree one solid color. Or you can simply add a cardboard star and call your Christmas tree DONE!

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This craft project comes to us from Washington Parent Magazine.

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