Stay Healthy with these Routine Healthy Habits

By Lysol
Routine Healthy Habits: Happy woman dancing with son in living room. Smiling father carrying daughter. They are spending leisure time.

It’s important to practice good hygiene habits all times, but during the spread of COVD-19, families must be extra vigilant and consistent in their daily routine healthy habits to stop the spread. We all have seen the persistent reminders to wash our hands and disinfect our surfaces. And it’s also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, eating a balanced diet and staying physically active.

Talk to your kids about why we need to continue doing these tasks and discuss the other healthy habits you want to practice in your family. Then you can have fun putting your routine healthy habits into practice with these activities:

Help Me with My Health

Choose a healthy habit you all want to improve and ask your kids to help you decide which one. The only rule is everyone has to participate. So if it’s walking a mile every day, then everyone should walk a mile. Or, if it’s eating more vegetables, then everyone should eat more vegetables. After 30 days, you’ll have developed a new healthy habit. Then you can add another one over the following 30 days!

Pick-Up Party 

It’s a spring cleaning challenge! Tidy up your house and the area around your house. It’s a great way to get a little exercise and sunshine, and makes your environment healthier too! Get some heavy-duty trash or lawn bags and some gloves for everyone. For inside, mark which bags are for trash and which ones are for giveaway items. Outside, pick up litter and debris and put it in a bag. See how many bags you can collect.

Dance On! 

Dancing gets your heart rate up and have some fun! For this project, you can simply turn on music and dance around the living room together. Or, make it even more fun using these ideas: 

  • Watch a dance video and practice the moves until you can perform the whole thing by memory 
  • Google ballroom dancing videos and try to improve your foxtrot
  • Try country, latin or other ethnic dancing 

Whatever kind of dancing you choose, make it more fun with costumes. Wear a bow-tie or long scarves for ballroom dancing. Let yourselves be silly and make sure to laugh a lot! 

Routine Healthy Family Fun

Through the Healthy Habit program, Lysol and National PTA have created professionally developed lesson plans, monthly activity calendars and additional materials for parents and teachers to educate children on healthy habits. While the family is home, try incorporating these routine healthy habit tools. 

Lysol is a proud national sponsor of PTA.

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