6 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month with Your Family

By Niki Taylor
Celebrate Pride Month With Your Family

The LGBTQ+ community celebrates Pride Month in a number of different ways, including  commemorating the harsh history to be recognized and included and honoring the lives lost in the struggles for equality. It’s also a time to celebrate the victories. 

In today’s evolving world, it’s essential that we prioritize educating our children from a young age about the values of love and acceptance. We understand that having classmates with two dads or two moms is becoming increasingly common, and we believe it’s important to embrace and celebrate these diverse family structures.

Check out six ways you can help your kids learn about the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate Pride Month: 

1. Know and Understand the Terms (parent specific)

    This is the perfect time to learn more about gender identity – not only for parents, but for our kids. Have open conversations with your kids about gender. A great way to start is this list of terms that will help understand inclusivity. As parents, it’s important to understand the terms as well in order to teach our kids.

    2. Teach Your Kids to be an Ally

    We can all support LGBTQ+ youth and show our kids the importance of becoming an ally. Here are some great resources on how to advocate and support policies, laws and programs that protect the rights of everyone.

    3. Celebrate at a Festival

    Every kid enjoys celebration. Take them to a local Pride march, parade or festival. To learn more about celebrations in your area, visit city government websites, tourist guides or check in with your school community to find kid-friendly celebrations. 

    4. Color a Rainbow of Art

        Rainbows, parade signs, flags, etc., are all fun to create in support of Pride month. You can showcase their artwork around the house, at a celebration, on social media or among friends. This is great way to get the entire family involved and show off those art skills too!

        5. Read Books About the LGBTQ+ Community

            Reading is a great way to engage our kids and teach them at the same time. It’s important for children to see a reflection of themselves in books along and to learn about people with different experiences and views. Common Sense Media offers reading recommendations by age group: Preschoolers (ages 2-4); Little kids (ages 5-7); Big kids (ages 8-9); Tweens. (ages 10-12); Teens (ages 13+)

            6. Have a Movie Night

              Make it a movie night and watch shows or videos that inspire and educate the entire family. Demi Lovato narrates The Trevor Project’s “Pride Everywhere” video, which explains Pride Month. In addition, PBS lists “What to Watch to Celebrate Pride Month”, which includes a mix of documentaries and informational videos about the LGBTQ+ community. 

              Niki Taylor is a communications consultant with Niki Taylor PR.

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