Finding the Perfect Teacher Gifts: 10 Ideas for the Teachers on Your List

By Niki Taylor
Student giving teacher a gift.

With holiday parties, school performances and other year-end activities, teachers are juggling a lot this time of year! And with kids hopped up on extra sugar and eagerly waiting for the winter break (notice we didn’t say patiently waiting?), teachers are performing miracles in the classroom to keep kids focused and engaged throughout the month of December.

Show your appreciation for everything your child’s teacher does to support their students and the school community by giving them a small gift of appreciation.

Here are our top 10 favorite teacher gift ideas that are sure to brighten a teacher’s day. We have included something for every budget, including a few DIY gift ideas that your student can help make.  

1. Personal Thank-You Note

Teacher’s love to get personal thank-you notes or notes of gratitude from their students! A thank-you note shows them how much they are appreciated, which is worth more than anything money can buy. Have your student write your teacher a thank you note that includes everything your student loves about them. Encourage your student to get creative and draw pictures and add stickers. If you are looking for some inspiration, use a printable teacher thank you note template.

2. Felt Coffee Cup Cozy

Forget boring paper coffee cup sleeves that end up in the landfill. Your student can create a reusable felt coffee cup cozy for their teacher. These are easy to make, and your student can get creative by adding snowmen, reindeer and snowflakes.

3. Post-It Note Dispenser

Gifts that help teachers stay organized are always appreciated. These pop-up Post-It note dispensers help teachers keep their desk clean and ensure they will always have a Post-It note when they need it. Plus, they come in fun designs!

4. Snack Box

Teachers rarely get a break during the day to refuel. Buy or make a little snack box they can keep in their desk. Fill it with things like miniature candy bars, granola bars, single-serve chip bags, dried fruit and their other favorite snack foods.

5. Succulent Plants

Small plants in a decorative pot are always a nice addition to the classroom or a teacher’s home. Succulents are easy to keep alive, even if your teacher doesn’t have a green thumb.

6. A Book Bag or Tote Bag

Teachers are always carrying around a lot of stuff! Help them manage their things with style by giving them a book back or nice tote. Find unique totes that fit your teacher’s style or their favorite color. You can even fill the tote with fun and useful surprises, including school supplies.

7. Books

Books offer a fun escape. Learn who your teacher’s favorite author is or what genre of book they like and give them a book to show your appreciation.

8. A Crocheted Wooble

Jump on the Woobles craze and have your student make a Wooble for their teacher. Woobles are little crocheted stuffed animals. The kits come with easy-to-follow instructions that teach your student how to crochet. There are many different Woobles to choose from, including fun holiday themed Woobles like Santa and a gingerbread man. Your teacher will love sitting their Wooble on their desk!

9. Specialty Food Baskets

Baskets that contain interesting and fun food items are usually a big hit with teachers! Look for unique baskets with foods local to your area or an area that is special for your teacher. Check local businesses that sell specialty food items to find the perfect basket.

10. Gift Cards

Everyone loves to receive a gift card, which allows people to pick out exactly what they want. Consider gift cards such as Door Dash or other restaurant gift cards so your teacher can enjoy dinner out. Gift cards to their favorite store, coffee shop or activity venue are always appreciated.  

While you are thinking about the perfect year-end gift for your teacher, remembers that Teacher Appreciation Week will be here soon. Get a head start on your teacher appreciation gift to avoid any last-minute scrambling.

Niki Taylor is a communications consultant with Niki Taylor PR.

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