5 Tips to Having Fun with Kids While WFH

By Sarah Weatherby
5 tips to having fun with Kids while WFH - Woman Working Outdoors In The Park With Her Little Daughters Using Laptop Computer

It’s no secret that as the summer season continues, working parents face the challenge of keeping their kids entertained while juggling work responsibilities from the comfort of their homes. Finding a balance between work and fun can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies and a little creativity, you’ll be well on your way to creating an engaging and enjoyable summer experience for your children. 

From structured schedules and virtual adventures to collaborative projects and mindful technology usage, check out our five (5) suggestions that will empower you to cultivate an atmosphere that will keep your kids entertained all summer long! 

Set Up a Structured Schedule

Setting up a structured daily schedule is essential for finding a balance between work responsibilities and engaging activities for your child, especially during the summer. A well-organized routine helps provide predictability and stability for both you and your child, fostering a sense of calm and reducing stress. By designating specific time slots for work, breaks, and fun activities, you can ensure that everyone’s needs are met and create a harmonious environment that allows for productive work and enjoyable leisure time.

Explore Virtual Summer Camps and Classes

Virtual summer camps and online classes offer an excellent opportunity for your child to learn, socialize, and explore new interests. By researching and enrolling your child in age-appropriate virtual camps or classes, you open a realm of possibilities tailored to their specific interests. Whether your child is passionate about coding, art, music, sports, or any other subject, there are virtual programs available to nurture their curiosity and help them develop new skills. These programs not only provide a structured environment for learning but also facilitate interaction and engagement with instructors and fellow participants.

Create a Dedicated Workspace for Your Child

Creating a dedicated workspace for your child enhances their focus and engagement while you work. Studies have shown that having a designated work area for your child improves cognitive performance and concentration. Set up a desk or designated space where your child can comfortably read, draw, or work on educational assignments. Make the area inviting and equipped with necessary supplies to foster a productive environment that encourages learning and creativity.

Engage in Collaborative Activities

Engage in collaborative activities that foster quality time with your child while balancing work commitments. Research indicates that spending time together enhances children’s emotional well-being and overall development. Plan family-friendly projects like baking, gardening, or DIY crafts to enjoy during breaks or after work. These shared experiences create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Utilize Technology Mindfully

Utilize technology mindfully by balancing screen time with other activities. While it’s important to set limits, technology can be a valuable tool for entertainment and learning. Choose educational apps, interactive websites, or age-appropriate movies that foster creativity and learning. Monitor and establish time limits to maintain a healthy balance between screens and other activities. Remember, technology can have a positive impact on your child’s education when used wisely.

Sarah Weatherby is a communications consultant with Sarah Weatherby Public Relations.

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