How YouTube’s Youth Principles Help Build a Healthy Online Experience for Children and Teens

By James Beser
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Children and teenagers today can access a world of possibilities online. Whether it’s exploring important topics around the world or looking up a video to help with algebra homework, they’ve never known a reality without this world at their fingertips. And, as they’ve grown up, so has the internet.

Today, conversations are taking place around dinner tables and at the highest levels of governments about how to help young people to thrive and be safer online. Parents deserve meaningful support as they step up to this challenge.

YouTube Resources and Tools to Keep Young Users Safe

Here’s a refresher on how parents can rely on YouTube resources & tools to keep young users safe:

YouTube’s Youth Principles

YouTube recently announced five core principles that it will adhere to in its continued work to create a safer and more enriching environment for young people:

  • Principle #1: The privacy, physical safety, mental health, and wellbeing of children and teenagers require special protections online.
  • Principle #2: Parents and caregivers play an important role in setting the rules for their family’s online experiences, particularly for the youngest children.
  • Principle #3: All children deserve free access to high-quality and age-appropriate content that meets their individual interests and needs.
  • Principle #4: The developmental needs of children differ greatly from those of teenagers and should be reflected in their online experiences.
  • Principle #5: With appropriate safeguards, innovative technologies can benefit children and teenagers.

Young people are eager to use technology to improve their lives. We hope these principles contribute to the important conversations taking place among families, policy makers, and experts about building an internet that young people deserve. We’re proud to be a National PTA sponsor to collaborate with parents, schools, and communities in this effort.

James Beser is Director of Product Management at YouTube Kids & Youth

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