3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained this Thanksgiving

By Theron Pickett

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends with gratitude for all your blessings. And when you come together, you eat! If hosting the festive gathering for Thanksgiving this year, the key is to keep the stress down and your children occupied. Try these few tips for keeping your children entertained as you plan and cook.

Tip #1: Let your kids help! 

Many parents are scared to let their children help prepare the Thanksgiving meal, but if you give them simple tasks there is nothing to be afraid of. A great place to start is to have your children wash fruits and vegetables, help mash potatoes, or set and keep track of timers to make sure the food doesn’t burn. Alternatively, if you want your kids to stay out of the kitchen you can have them set the table or clean up at the end of the meal. These tasks are sure to keep your children occupied and out of trouble.

Tip #2: Set up a craft!

If you have the time, giving your children a craft to make is a great way to keep them busy, while you are cooking or entertaining guests. There are so many different Thanksgiving themed crafts to do. You can easily find some ideas by searching online. One of my favorites is the Oreo Thanksgiving Turkey Craft. The best part is that the craft is edible!

Source: Food.

Tip #3: Plan activities for during dinner time

Amid the hustle and bustle to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, parents often forget that although they are tired and ready to enjoy the food they have prepared, kids are full of energy. The best way to address this is to plan ahead. Give your children crayons, markers, and coloring books or activity sheets to do at the dinner table. Try one of our favorites below!

Extra Tip: If you have the space, make a designated kids table or give them a room to play in.


Thanksgiving Turkey Word Search

Coloring Placemats

 “I’m So Grateful” Coloring Sheets

This is great one because it makes your children really think about what they are thankful for during the season. It also give them something to talk about at the table with the rest of the family.

Theron Pickett is currently a junior at Georgetown University, majoring in Government. She hopes to attend law school sometime after graduation.

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