Shining Stars: Celebrating Our Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

By Niki Taylor

Every year, during the first full week of May, school communities across the nation erupt in a constellation of appreciation—Teacher Appreciation Week! During Teacher Appreciation Week, we will highlight the hard work and impact of our nation’s teachers and the ways they help shape the future of our society.

This year’s theme, Teachers are Shining Stars, celebrates the idea that teachers are not just educators—they are shining and guiding stars, leading students on a journey of discovery.

This dedicated time allows students, parents and communities to shine a light on the educators who illuminate young minds. But why do we celebrate teachers, and how can we truly honor their dedication?

Early Beginnings

The story of Teacher Appreciation Week begins with a champion for education: First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. In the 1950s, she advocated for a national day to recognize teachers, paving the way for what would become a week-long celebration. Teacher Appreciation Week was officially established in 1984.

Teachers ignite a passion for learning, nurture curiosity and inspire students to reach for the stars, both literally and figuratively. They wear many hats, acting as mentors, cheerleaders, confidantes and sometimes even “play” parents. Their dedication extends far beyond the classroom walls, as they invest countless hours in lesson planning, grading papers and staying updated on the latest educational methods.

Supporting Teachers

Beyond individual tokens of appreciation, Teacher Appreciation Week is also a call to advocate for educators. Let’s support policies that create smaller class sizes and provide teachers with the resources they need. Your child’s teachers are the ones who inspire and guide them to become future leaders and open their eyes beyond academics. Teachers also help to instill values, shape character and empower our children to pursue their dreams and make a positive difference in the world.

Over the years, schools have embraced this week with creative ways to honor their teachers. This week, you can also:

  • Thank your child’s teacher with our fun resources or these gift ideas
  • Share your appreciation for teachers on social media using #ThankATeacher
  • Advocate for policies that support our educators

Ultimately, honoring teachers is about acknowledging the profound impact they have on our lives. By expressing our gratitude, we ensure these shining stars continue to illuminate the path for future generations. So, this Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s celebrate the educators who inspire, guide and nurture our children, and let their brilliance shine ever so brightly!


In classrooms alight, where knowledge takes flight,
Shine teachers so bright, like stars in the night.

They guide us with care, like constellations rare,
The lessons they share, with wisdom to spare.

With twinkling delight, they spark a first light,
Of curiosity’s might, in minds ever bright.

Like planets in motion, they set learning in flow,
Helping talents to grow, and dreams come aglow.

So during this week, let’s voices all speak,
For teachers so meek, who nurture and tweak.

With heartfelt “thank you’s,” and gratitude true,
We honor your crew, the shining stars, you!

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