Donor Spotlight: Wayne Bauman

By Kisha DeSandies Lester

We all want the same thing—a bright future for our children. That’s why National PTA is working to make sure that our public schools provide a first-class education for every child—and generous contributions help make our important work possible.

Our mission is to strengthen family and community engagement in schools, elevate the voices of families in critical child advocacy work and support programs that improve student outcomes.

We asked former National PTA Secretary-Treasurer Wayne Bauman about how his support makes a difference in the education, health and welfare of all children and youth. Bauman is a longtime PTA member, who has served in various volunteer leadership positions from the local, regional, state levels in Iowa, and more recently on the national level. His PTA journey began 50 years ago, when he saw the impact his mother had on the community during her time as a local PTA president. He was active throughout his son and daughter’s education.

Why do you support National PTA?

National PTA provides so many different opportunities for children to reach their potential: everything from the arts and STEM to family engagement activities, all while advocating for the health and safety of children. National PTA gives a voice to so many who do not have the opportunity or ability to advocate.

How are your friends and family impacted by National PTA’s work?

When I talk with students and families, I am amazed at how many students are helped by PTA scholarships, recognition through Reflections or other programs that they may never have received in any other way. A child reaching their own potential in whatever way and manner is truly a wonderful reality.

PTA can bring a community together. It can grow relationships beyond a school’s walls. Through PTA, businesses become involved in schools and community members see the positive things that happen in schools, as opposed to only hearing the negative reports that sometimes make the news.

How does National PTA’s work align with your beliefs and values?

As a parent, grandparent and educator, I believe in the value and worth of people as well as making every child’s potential a reality. I believe that we must speak up and advocate for what is right and not be silent. National PTA has spoken up for over 120 years.

Want to make a difference?

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