Math Skills: Building Blocks For A Brighter Future


Many frustrated students lament, “Why do I need to learn math?” The truth is, arming your child with solid all-around mathematical knowledge gives them significant advantages as they navigate their way through school, college placement tests … and life.

Math success brings significant academic benefits outside the four walls of your child’s math classroom. It’s no secret that having a strong grasp of math will leave your child well-equipped to master concepts taught in other classes, especially the sciences (e.g., physics, chemistry, biology, etc.), social sciences— especially when statistics and data analysis come into play— and computer science.

Success in Math produces report cards that demonstrate high performance across many areas of study.

On the recreational front, young learners will discover that having a nimble mathematical mind can enable them to excel at sports, since they’ll also be developing laser focus, better spatial reasoning skills and fast decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Musically-inclined kids will find that understanding fractions makes it a lot easier to read— and effortlessly execute— music pieces. Kids with a passion for creative crafting will certainly use mental math skills as they adjust measurements for their projects. The list goes on!

In a Washington Post article on admission rates in April 2016, journalist Nick Anderson reported that further down the road, with acceptance rates at top colleges and universities on a steady decline, your child may find that getting into their dream school is more competitive than ever.

High math scores on standardized tests— along with school transcripts that show excellence across the board and a well-rounded selection of extracurricular activities—will give them a competitive edge over other applicants, even if they decide to pursue a degree (or degrees!) Outside of math and the sciences.

When today’s students enter the workforce, strong math skills will give them a significant leg up when they vie for tomorrow’s top jobs. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs are projected to continue to grow at a rate of almost double that of non-STEM jobs throughout the current decade. And the agency reports that STEM workers command higher wages, earning 26 percent more than their non-STEM counterparts.

Math is the backbone for all STEM fields.

As the global demand for high performing STEM professionals steadily increases, so will the demand for workers with strong math skills and the capability to drive the next generation of technological advancements.

Those who aren’t on traditionally STEM-focused career tracks will also benefit from math. Aspiring writers and artists benefit from having a broader knowledge base from which to draw inspiration for creative masterpieces. Fashion designers rely on geometry and calculations as they create perfectly proportioned designs that dazzle on the catwalk.

Not surprisingly, math also comes into play in law enforcement— crime fighters use it when they analyze evidence, recreate events to find the exact cause of a criminal act, build mathematical models that provide insight into behavior and more!

Consider the amount of math that comes into play in everyday life. Making educated decisions about interest rates, budgeting, finding the best discounts when you shop, adjusting a recipe to feed more people on the fly, figuring out how much lumber you need for a home improvement project… all of these involve math!

Ultimately, encouraging your child to embrace and explore math will bring immense benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. It’s a critical element of your child’s intellectual foundation that will leave them well-poised to grow into global citizens equipped to tackle life’s challenges, master the mundane and chase their dreams.

How Mathnasium is helping PTA Parents nationwide.

Across the nation, Mathnasium’s neighborhood math experts stand in solidarity with PTA’s parent leaders with the goal of building stronger communities through quality education! Case in point, meet Becky McDaniels, owner of Mathnasium of Brandon, Fla. And a dedicated PTA member for over two decades.

“I’ve always loved school,”McDaniels recalled. “PTA does so much for teachers and schools, and I wanted to be a part of it and make a difference.”

As a mom and former teacher at public, private and charter schools, she has worn many PTA hats. McDaniels has served on her local chapter’s board, penned newsletters, driven fundraising initiatives from the ground level, bridged the gap between parents and educators as teacher liaison and served on event committees.

Whether she’s presenting at PTA meetings, engaging families through fun in-school math nights or contributing to fundraising efforts, McDaniels is clearly in her element. Many years after her first PTA meeting, she still finds it incredibly fulfilling to see a large scale project come to fruition and glows happily with every “thank you” she receives.

Like many parent leaders, Colleen Horan Green, PTSA vice president at Randall Middle School, appreciates the support Mathnasium provides.

“Mathnasium of Brandon sought us out and became actively involved in supporting our events,” Green recalled. “Now we are working together to create a seminar to help parents like me support our children in seventh-grade math. As a PTSA member, I’m looking at our common goals and filling the needs with Mathnasium.”

“The fact that Mathnasium exists is wonderful,”Green added. “They provide so many resources at every level, work in tandem with the curriculum, reach out to teachers and help us better serve our students. It’s more than just a partnership; they really do go above and beyond to understand needs at every school.”

Learn more about Mathnasium and their partnership with National PTA at Get your child started on the path to math excellence!

Damans Candano-Hodas is the marketing communications coordinator at Mathnasium Learning Centers.
Mathnasium is a Proud National Sponsor of PTA.

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