Meet Ben Morgan, the 2025-2026 Reflections Theme Search Contest Winner!

By Julia Ford
Ben Morgan, 2025-26 Reflections theme contest winner

Every year, students across the country and in U.S. schools abroad participate in the Reflections Theme Search Contest – a competition where students submit unique and inspiring theme suggestions to inspire a future Reflections program cycle. State PTAs select the top five finalists and advance the submissions to National PTA, where they go through multiple stages of review by National PTA volunteer leadership.  

Reviewers look for submissions that are focused, without being too narrow or too broad, inspiring and unique from past program themes. Additionally, because Reflections themes are selected two years in advance, reviewers also seek themes that will be relevant in the future.  

With these considerations in mind, reviewers selected the theme “I Belong!,” which was submitted by Ben Morgan, a 6th grader from Lewis and Clark Middle School PTSA in Boise, Idaho! Ben’s winning theme, “I Belong!” was selected from over 75 other entries from 17 state PTAs. As the Theme Search Contest winner, Ben has earned $100 and will inspire thousands of students across the country to create artwork during the 2025-2026 Reflections program.  

Idaho PTA surprised Ben with the news during class at school. The celebration included Lisa Morgan, Idaho PTA Reflections Chair, and Monty Hyde, Lewis and Clark Middle School principal. 

Ben shared his inspiration, that he wanted to create “a theme that many people could relate to.” When asked what “I Belong!” means to him, Ben shared: “I have found belonging with my family and friends. The people in my classes can also be like part of my family, even though we aren’t directly related. For me, “I Belong!” means I know where I am accepted, and I know that I can be myself there without being criticized or judged.” 

Ben and his siblings have been active participants in the Reflections program, and he mentioned: “We do a lot of art at my house. Especially music.” Ben plays piano and is learning to play the cello. However, his favorite way to create art is by making pencil sketches. He values asking for input from friends and family about what he should add to his creations and said they “turn out to be interesting!”  

Congratulations to Ben, once again! Ben’s theme will inspire students during the 2025-2026 Reflections cycle year. In the meantime, the 2024-2025 Reflections program theme will be “Accepting Imperfection,” which will launch in April 2024. We are grateful for Paige Opaska, from Barbara Bush Middle School PTA in San Antonio, Texas, for submitting that theme. Stay tuned for the program launch at and then look for more information from your participating state PTA.  

Students from PTA member schools can help shape the future of the Reflections program by participating in the annual Theme Search Contest. We welcome your creativity and imagination! Visit your state PTA’s Reflections Program page to learn more.   

Julia Ford is the 2023-2025 National PTA Arts in Education Fellow.  

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