9 Ways to Show Love for Mom While Quarantined

By Kisha DeSandies Lester
Show Mom Love! Pancakes with heart shape and MOM letters. Mother's Day breakfast concept. Overhead view table scene with a rustic wood background.

It’s another Mother’s Day, but with a social distancing twist this year! No taking mom out for brunch or to the movies—or shopping for her favorite gift in a store. Even online gift packages are delayed! So it’s time to get creative to show mom love while quarantined

While we’ve all been cooped up in the house, many moms have taken the lead in working, learning and cleaning, and we need a break. Here are nine fun and zen activities to celebrate moms this weekend.

And moms, let the kids and your partner take the lead!

Film a Cooking Show: Brunch for Mom Edition

Show mom love by making your mom’s favorite breakfast foods—with a family camera crew! All the TV chefs are doing it while quarantined, why can’t you! It can be a surprise where you shoot the video while cooking and show mom the video when you serve her breakfast, or you can make it a whole family event. Make sure Mom is camera-ready and share your pics and video on social media—or just within your family!

Make a Custom Gift for Mom

Handmade gifts are the best. You can make your own bouquet of flowers. Or create your own heartfelt card. Or even write a song or poem to tell her how much she means to you. It will create a momento that will make your mom feel special and appreciated.

Get Some Fresh Air

Parks and trails remain open for activities such as hiking, biking or walking, so take a road trip and explore the outdoors! Pack a lunch so you can eat while you are out. While you’re out, ask your mom to share her favorite memories about her childhood or as a new mom.

Pack a Basket for a Picnic

For a nice lunch, pack a few blankets, some sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit—and don’t for get a sweet treat for a relaxing picnic in the backyard or on the deck! If you want to make it an evening meal, you can do dinner outside and set up a screen to watch a broadway show!

Host a Mom’s Game Night

You can show mom love by letting her play her favorite games—but it doesn’t mean you have to let her win! If you don’t have a lot of board games, you can play a card game or use your phone or tablet for a group game.

Plan a Posh Fashion Show

Kids love creative play, so host a family fashion show. Wear those clothes that haven’t gotten a lot of wear during the quarantine (and pray they still fit!). Have fun with the segments like, mismatch chic, campy styling and dressing like mom. Old halloween costumes and pajamas are also approved. Have mom be the judge on who wore it best.

Help Plant the Garden for the Season

It can be a simple container garden on the back deck, a colorful windowsill display or updates to your flower beds around your house. Spend time together planting your garden. It’s the perfect time to plant vegetables and herbs too!

Talk and Color

Coloring is therapeutic for kids and adults! Put on some music, download these Our Children coloring pages to paint on your favorite device. Or you can print them and color on paper:

While you color, you can talk about all the things you will do when the quarantine is over!

Make it a Craft Day

Use items in your home and do a few crafts together! You can make jewelry with dried pasta, paint a picture or use your toilet paper and paper towel rolls to create some cool keepsakes.

Kisha DeSandies Lester is the senior digital & editorial manager at National PTA and a mom to a four-year-old boy.

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