9 Quarantine Ideas for Father’s Day

By Kisha DeSandies Lester
Father's Day - A happy latin family of five taking a selfie and smiling in a horizontal medium shot outdoors.

It’s time to celebrate our dads and with the start of summer, there are several fun things you can do, even in a social distancing world, to make 2020 a special Father’s Day! Dads make life fun and teach us the important things we need to know for life, so this is your time to do it up for your dad or other father figures in your life.

While most dads don’t expect a lot of hoopla for their day, this year, try a few of these quarantine-inspired ideas to show your dad appreciation for all that he does for you and your family for Father’s Day. 

1. Build a golf course for Dad

If Dad loves all things golf—from 18 holes to mini golf—create a course in your backyard! You can use rocks or bricks or other items you have at home to make your obstacles. You can even make a green jacket for the winner! Consider missing a few holes to give Dad the advantage for Father’s Day, LOL.

2. Go on a bike tour

Get your bikes or rent bikes for the family and take a drive to a local bike trail/course. Bring snacks or a lunch so you can take a break and talk to your dad about some of his best and funniest dad moments with you or with his own dad/grandfather.

3. Find activities you can do together

Help your dad with a project around the house or build something cool together. It will give you time to learn a new skill and get a few interesting stories about his life that you’ve always wanted to know. You can also:

4. Watch some historic sport highlights

If your dad is a sports junkie, then find some famous moments in sporting history on YouTube and watch them with your dad. You can ask him about some of his favorite sport highlights and have him share his memories if he was at the game or witnessed it live on TV.

5. Put on a Father’s Day talent show

Since you can’t go to the movies or a show, produce a variety family show at home! You can make your own video about why your dad is so cool, create a song and/or dance routine for your dad, play a tune on your favorite instrument or do a short comedy spot of the best and worst dad jokes you ever heard!

6. Learn from your Dad, the Pitmaster

If your dad loves to cook on the grill, plan a BBQ meal for Father’s Day! Watch some videos of famous grill masters for recipes and to learn new techniques. Don’t forget to give your dad praise for his superior skills on the grill!

7. Watch a virtual music fest

For the dad who loves music and is missing his concerts, go to YouTube to see if his favorite band has a virtual concert. Billboard has a weekly roundup of livestreams and virtual concerts. KQED also has a good list of live virtual concerts to watch this summer. Stream the concerts inside or outside for a special Father’s Day treat.

8. Host a Classic game tournament!

You can play SO many games indoors, outside and virtually! You can connect with other family members with virtual bingo, trivia, charades and scavenger hunt games. Try to find out what games your dad played when he was younger and play them together for a family game night. And if your family is competitive, host an outdoor Father’s Day game tournament with catch, frisbee, relay races, tug of war and cornhole.

9. Make a handmade gift

Make your dad something that will make him feel loved when he uses it. There are so many DIY crafts and projects to choose from for Father’s Day. Whatever you do, make sure it’s from the heart!

Kisha DeSandies Lester is the senior digital & editorial manager at National PTA and a mom to a four-year-old boy.

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