5 Ways to Take Your School’s Field Day to the Next Level

By Booster Spirit Wear

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining brighter, and spring has officially sprung. With the anticipation of summer just around the corner comes one final, big hoorah for your school- Field Day. When executed correctly, Field Day can be one of the most exciting days of the school year for students. It will be one of the final moments with classmates before taking on a whole new year together. It is the opportunity to plan the perfect ending to a perfect year. So, without further ado, here are five ways you can take your school’s Field Day to the next level. 

1. Customize Your Big Day

You love your school and everything that makes it unique, so why stop there? Turn a routine Field Day into the BEST day of the year by celebrating everything that makes your school so great. Feature your school mascot, name, or theme of the year one last time and go out with a bang! Trade in that old PE shirt for a bright, eye-popping shirt that highlights your school pride and will be filled with precious memories for years to come.

Having a custom experience doesn’t need to stop there. Make fun signs that match your shirts to hang in the halls or send home to parents. Whatever the use, this design will become the focal point of a very special day.

2. Highlight Each Grade

Your teachers and staff have worked tirelessly all year to create a healthy learning environment that fosters creative thinking and community, and that starts in the classroom. After a year of field trips, math problems, and new books, each class has formed their own unique spirit. Don’t let that slip away! Harness that enthusiasm into imaginative ways to showcase each grade.

Give each grade a different color of t-shirt so they can each be highlighted! (Bonus: this also makes it easier for your teachers to keep a special eye on their students). Challenge each grade or class to design their own flag for an “Opening Ceremonies” activity to kick off the day. It will be a colorful way to feature each grade with extra time in the spotlight. Don’t forget your camera, because this is a huge photo opportunity for parents and social media posts too.

3. Accessorize

The school year may be coming to an end, but the fun does not need to stop there! Give your students a special Field Day treat to use all summer and well into the next school year. Who can’t use a brand-new water bottle? It sure is handy to have when you are running out the door or are behind on dishes. Add a new fresh pair of shades and each child has a mini-bundle of summer-survival accessories. Summer camp, here we come!

4. Gain Support from Local Sponsors

Whether this is your first Field Day, or you are a long-time pro, everyone loves the idea of free stuff. Did you know that all of those t-shirts, sunglasses, and water bottles just mentioned could be yours for little expense? Well, they can.

Gaining support from local sponsors is the best way to cover the costs of spirit wear while also giving you the potential to raise additional funds for your school. Many local businesses are looking for ways to increase their exposure and promote their products and services. Everyone wins when their business is featured to a large group of families while supporting their local elementary school. Plus, if the cost is 100% covered by sponsorships, parents aren’t faced with the decision of whether or not to purchase a shirt for their student. Every student can be included with a shirt that shows they are part of their team. Pro Tip: Not sure how to get sponsors? Check out this Sponsorship Playbook, a simple, easy-to-follow guide for collecting sponsorships.

5. Have Fun!

Field Day is a day to commemorate a successful school year and look forward to a summer full of new experiences and familiar pleasures. Don’t allow the logistics of planning an amazing Field Day overwhelm you. Whether you have a single individual or a group of 100 to put everything together, remember that Field Day is about the energy and excitement leading up to and surrounding each moment. Get teachers and families involved early to build anticipation. Leverage this event as a day to celebrate the involvement and success of each and every child in your school. Finally, make an intentional effort to be present in each moment as it happens so you can enjoy it too!

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