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Healthy Habits and Resources: Cheerful elementary students waiting in a school hall before class starts while wearing protective face mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Parenting and teaching in this pandemic has been challenging as we’ve given our all to support our children’s learning, well-being and development. Reckitt, the maker of Lysol, believes it is important to keep your loved ones illness-free and is dedicated to providing resources to help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs. 

While you all have stepped up to the plate, so has Lysol, and we’re excited to share our history of pandemic-fighting efforts through a brief documentary video:

Parents and teachers can continue using these resources to help promote healthy habits, including:

HERE for Healthy Schools

Through education, research funding and strategic partnerships, the Lysol HERE for Healthy Schools program aims to minimize the spread of illness-causing germs in the classroom.

Welcome Back Packs

Lysol partnered with the CDC Foundation to bring the Lysol HERE for Healthy Schools program to thousands of schools across the United States, creating Welcome Back Packs to help support to reopening of schools through informative posters, fun activities and engaging lesson plans that encourage healthy habits.


The Lysol Germ-Cast app monitors illness in your communities and provides reliable information and tips to help keep you and your loved ones protected from illness-causing germs.

Kinsa FLUency Program

Lysol has partnered with Kinsa to help institute a first of its kind early-detection program in schools across the country. Participating schools receive free Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Kinsa smart thermometers courtesy of Lysol that help notify school nurses and officials, as well as parents, of illness levels and trends within the school community.

Lysol is proud to share this documentary for you to learn more about their dedication to  the safe reopening of schools. We hope that you continue encouraging healthy habits and utilizing the various resources Lysol and National PTA have to offer. For more information, visit and sign up for the Lysol Teachers newsletter

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