Lesson Plans to Help Parents and Teachers Reinforce Healthy Habits

By Lysol
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More than in any previous school year, it is important to teach your children healthy habits, and ensure that they are practicing these habits at home and in the classroom.

Lysol has partnered with the CDC Foundation to create Welcome Back Packs as part of the our HERE for Healthy Schools initiative to help curb the spread of illness in classrooms and give schools the resources they need to promote social distancing and teach healthy habits.

The Welcome Back Packs are available for teachers to download and print. They include fun and educational materials, posters, mirror clings, floor decals and more help support school reopening and educate students on healthy habits. Kids in Need Foundation is also helping to distribute physical packs to the select Title I schools.

Parents and teachers can find more resources on handwashing, germ transmission and other valuable lessons to share with children. Here are a sample of lesson plans from the Welcome Back Pack that parents and teachers can use to help children understand and practice healthy habits:

Hooray for Clean, Healthy Hands (PreK)

Engaging exercises that will help children:

  • Demonstrate how keeping hands clean reduces the spread of germs
  • Explain and demonstrate proper handwashing procedures
  • Express their ideas about germs through

Calling All Kids: Be a Handwashing Expert! (2-3 Grades)

Help take what your kids know about handwashing to the next level. Kids will:

  • Review and sequence proper handwashing steps
  • Identify parts of speech and practice constructing sentences about handwashing
  • Create handwashing messages to share what they have learned with their school community and family to promote healthy habits

Six Feet of Separation (PreK – 5th Grade)

Ideas that will help students:

  • Understand where we practice social distancing and far how apart we should stay
  • Learn about germs and how practicing social distancing can help prevent the transmission of germs
  • Learn about the different ways that they can socially distance

The Virus Stops Here (PreK – 5th Grade)

In this lesson, fun activities will help students:

  • Understand that germs can be spread by coughing, sneezing, or touching
  • Understand that one way to help prevent the spread of germs is by wearing a facemask
  • Create a facemask to wear when social distancing is not possible
  • Demonstrate the proper way to wear a facemask

Lysol and National PTA encourage parents, teachers, and schools to take the necessary precautions for a safe school year. Talk to your school administration about printing the Welcome Back Packs for your local schools to ensure extra safety measures are being taken.

For more information on Lysol HERE for Healthy Schools, visit Lysol.com/Here.

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